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What To Expect At Your Visit

Each appointment is 15 minutes long (unless otherwise specified)

  -Please arrive early so you can be checked in and information updated before your appointment.

  -Please have all current medications as well as topical medications written out and available for your medical assistant.

  -Time spent with the medical assistant is time out of the visit, so please try to keep it short.


Each appointment is scheduled for a specific visit type


-Although we do our best to address most of your concerns some complaints/concerns need separate appointments to be assessed and addressed properly.


 Conditions or complaints requiring a separate appointment:

       Body Checks are specifically to screen for abnormal moles and skin cancers.

             ■ Please limit specific “spot checks” or areas of concern to 2 per visit.

                     ● Choose the two that are most concerning for you

                     ● Please no “laundry lists” of spots to check

                     ● Remember, we will be checking over your entire body.


      Rashes require a separate visit. These include:

            ■ Eczema, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Rosacea, and Fungal infections.


      Other common visits that require separate appointments include:

            ■ Acne

            ■ Hair loss

            ■ Small office procedures: wart removal, Liquid Nitrogen treatment of SK’s, Milia Cyst extractions,                 steroid injections.


● Please only ask a provider to address what you are scheduled for at that visit. Kindly make a separate appointment for other medical conditions so that we may address your questions and concerns appropriately.

● If you have any of the following conditions that require separate appointments please schedule them all with a receptionist as we are booking out a couple of months

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